Fuel mismanagement and fraud is an unnecesary impact to your bottom line. With FuelOps you can finally gain insight into your fuel purchases and give transparency to your operations.

Data Updates Near real time info

The DealerOps Platform updates your automotive group or dealership's data as fast as every 15 minutes throughout the day. Your reports and employee notes will always be up to date.

Accessible Anywhere From any device

Access the full suite of DealerOps reports and applications on your PC, tablet, or cell phone. Stay in the loop even if you're out of the office; take DealerOps with you wherever you have internet access.

Web Security Lock down your data

Controlled user access allows you to manage users based on their role in your organization. Limit accessibility to the core information your team needs to know in order to improve their productivity based on these roles.

Custom Subscriptions Data delivered

Schedule reports in a variety of formats to be sent directly to your team members' inboxes; ensuring that they receive the information they need to know on a regular basis.

Fuel ticket assignment

Assign and track each transaction

  • Users can have specific access to create, validate, or edit tickets
  • Transactions are assigned to a stock number and department
  • Permanent stock units can be assigned for multiple transactions

Multiple ticket alerts

See stock numbers with multiple fuel tickets

  • Prevent potential fraud by isolating units with multiple tickets
  • See total dollar amounts spent on specific units
  • See total number of tickets issued to a stock number

Fuel Recaps

Summary detail of fuel purchases

  • Quickly see all purchases within your store
  • See total dollar amounts for every department
  • Rapidly identify any differences between issued amounts and reconciled amounts