Our Story

DealerOps was born from a desire to influence, change, and innovate the retail automotive industry. Years of research, development, and refinement went into making us who we are today.

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A Spark Lights The Fire

After spending over a decade of working for large corporate automotive groups, we set out to make the behind the scenes operations of the automotive industry run as efficiently as possible. Integrated Data Solutions (what would become DealerOps) was born out of the day to day issues we faced while trying to keep up with operations in the field.

Initial Success

After securing accounts with several successful automotive groups, IDS began to focus on applications that would further our goal of increasing operational efficiency. After creating FuelOps and TitleOps, IDS focused on growing its customer base through referrals from dedicated users.

Certification and Refinement

In order to provide the best level of service possible, IDS worked towards becoming certified by the major DMS companies in the automotive world. The growing customer base allowed us to focus on refining our reports and applications while also giving us the opportunity to provide our clients with custom made reports upon request.

Re-branding to DealerOps

In order to better show our dedication and focus on the automotive world, the decision was made to re-brand our company from Integrated Data Solutions to DealerOps. Our renewed focus and explosion of new clients after years of hard work and great customer service have and will continue to translate into a very exciting future for us and for the dealerships we serve. Let's Chat!

Growing the Brand

With the launch of DealerTechOps and DealerCrew, the DealerOps family has been expanding it's presence in the automotive industry. Alongside our ventures into other automotive spaces, DealerOps has been focusing our efforts into transforming the platform into a dealer-side vertical solution. These efforts, combined with our commitment to enhancing our staff with industry veterans and innovators, have strengthened the DealerOps brand and positioned the platform for a bright future.