In addition to providing industry leading performance reporting, DealerOps also offers a wealth of services to all involved within the automotive business.

Expert Witness Professional opinions

Have any questions about your case or do you need an expert opinion regarding account and or operational data? DealerOps can help.

Forensic Accounting Industry experience

Have you recently suffered some form of embezzlement or some other unusual loss and need help finding out what happened? Our team can recreate accounting records and research to determine the source, cause, and offer recommendations.

Data Recovery and Retention Safe & Sound

All things data. Rest easy at night knowing you will not suffer any data losses during conversions. Clients using the DealerOps Platform will have continued access to data no matter your DMS

DMS Conversion Help Peace of mind

Put the fears of DMS conversion to rest. We can provide end-to-end help with DMS selection, conversion, and also provide enhanced DMS training by automotive industry veterans.

Managed Accounting Reviews

Utilizing our seasoned accounting resources and harnessing the power of the DealerOps Platform, we are able to provide frequent, more cost efficient month end reviews to ensure accurate F/S Reporting.

Catastrophic Recovery Team

Have you suffered a sudden loss of someone in a key position or have you suffered substantial dealership damage? Our cleanup team can assist.

Audits, Reviews, and Taxes

After years of experience with industry leaders in assurance and accounting services, we have worked to increase audit, review, and tax work efficiencies as well as provideaccess to industry leading accounting advice.

Application Development

Have any applications you'd like built? We help by providing consultations for your ideas and then discuss implementation and/or incubator options.